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Dreamweaver Resources:

1. Macromedia Dreamweaver FAQ
2. Macromedia Dreamweaver TechNotes
3. Macromedia Dreamweaver Newsgroup Google Search
4. - All you ever wanted to know about Dreamweaver!
5. DHTML Nirvana - W3C Construction at it's best!
6. Project Seven - The ULTIMATE Design Pack provider
7. FordWebs - Many tutorials relating to Project Seven Extensions
8. FourLevel - Extensions for Dreamweaver, home of Swiper Menu Builder!

Fireworks Resources:

1. Macromedia Fireworks FAQ
2. Macromedia Fireworks TechNotes
3. Macromedia Fireworks Newsgroup Google Search
4. Playing With Fire
5. Idea Design - Fireworks 4 f/x and Design support site and Tutorials
6. Project Fireworks
7. SmartWebby Fireworks Tips & Tricks - Learn how to create rollovers, swap images, animated gifs and much more using Macromedia Fireworks. Check out some cool features like PhotoOptics, Paste Inside and Transparency. Also included are step-by step guides and live examples.


Dynamic XHTML Developers Guide By Eddie Traversa & Jeff Rouyer - Coming Soon!
Fireworks 4 f/x & Design By Joyce J. Evans - Review
Integrating Flash, Fireworks and Freehand f/x & Design By Joyce J. Evan
Dreamweaver 4 Magic - By Al Sparber of Project Seven


Miscellaneous Resources & Utilities:

1. TopStyle Pro - helps you create cross-browser style sheets by alerting you of problems as you work. What's more, TopStyle' s powerful style checker validates against multiple CSS implementations, alerting you not only to invalid entries in your style sheets, but also to bugs in popular browsers that may affect their display.

2. CSE HTML Validator - The most powerful, easy to use, and user configurable HTML, XHTML, and WML syntax checker available for Windows. If you thought that you would never use an HTML syntax checker, then you haven't tried CSE HTML Validator Pro!

3. Check out This article by Eddie Traversa and Jeff Rouyer on converting HTML into XHTML/XML.

4. FREE Basic HTML Editor by Trellian Software - Trellian WebPAGE, great for your clients to edit webpages with. (new 5/22/2002)


1. Binary Blocks - An Excellent Hosting Company, without them we wouldn't be here, Apache/Cobalt based!
2. Chicago Webs - An excellent IIS driven Hosting Company with many options and #1 in customer care!

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